Lil Wayne is the latest rapper to wear those insanely popular MSCHF Big Red Boots.

On Saturday (Feb. 11), Lil Wayne was photographed rocking those infamous big red boots on his music video set with NLE Choppa. In one viral photo, Tunechi is dressed in a long white shirt, striped yellow-and-black baggy shorts and on his feet are the MSCHF's Big Red Boots that are everywhere it seems.

We must also mention that NLE Choppa was wearing double denim jeans on the video set.

It looks like rappers are jumping on the bandwagon and are rocking the odd-looking boots. Earlier this week, Fivio Foreign posted a video on TikTok of himself reciting lyrics from YN Jay's "Perc and Sex" and wearing a black leather jacket, black pants and those clunky red boots.

@fivioforeign😂😂😂♬ original sound - FIVIO FOREIGN

The MSCHF Big Red Boots are scheduled to go on sale on Feb. 16 for $350 at the brand's official web store. However, resellers are commanding upwards of $2,000 for the sought-after footwear. The mammoth red galoshes have been compared to the boots worn by comic book and film character Astro Boy.

MSCHF are also the designers behind Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes," which got the brand slapped with a lawsuit by sneaker giant Nike for copyright infringement. They eventually settled out of court.

Not everybody is feeling the big red boots. Fashion maven Lil Yachty voiced his displeasure at people rocking the viral footwear.

"[Y'all] prove y'all can't dress w them boots btw," the Atlanta rapper reportedly tweeted.

See photos of Lil Wayne wearing the Big Red Boots below.

Check Out Lil Wayne Wearing MSCHF Big Red Boots Below

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