Just when he got out of jail, Lil Wayne is now facing more legal issues. This time, it’s a paternity suit.

According to TMZ, a Missouri woman claiming that Wayne is the father of her child, born in 2002, is bringing the suit against the rapper. The woman’s mother obtained a court order that will require Weezy to submit DNA by December 9. Initially, he was going to have to do so by September 10, but because he was in prison, the judge in the case pushed the date until next month.

As previously reported, Weezy was barred from a casino in Las Vegas over the weekend because the establishment was nervous that they would face repercussions if the Young Money CEO was found drinking alcohol—a violation of his probation—while in their building.

Reports and tweets also surfaced within the last few days that Lil Wayne has been recording new music for the first time since being freed from Rikers Island on November 4. —Adam Fleischer