Cash Money Records is known for cultivating new talent and according to Young Money’s Commander-In-Chief, Lil Wayne, the roster’s newest addition, Euro, is their new secret weapon.

"We have my young boy Euro, and that's my secret weapon right there," said Lil Wayne during his interview with MTV News. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Rhode Island, Euro, made his debut on Wayne’s Dedication 5 mixtape in 2013, where he was featured on four tracks. His lyrical onslaught and slew of punchlines were enough to grab Weezy’s attention and earn him placement on Young Money’s newest compilation Rise of an Empire.

"Please, please, I tell the fans out there, don't judge the Young Money album as his starting, as his platform to start, because he's in the trigger," Wayne continued in the interview. "He's in the barrel, loaded, and man, man, man, man, man."

Young Money’s Rise of an Empire is available and out now.-Carl Lamarre

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