Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz hop on Atlanta rapper Dae Dae's bubbling record, "Spend It." Both Weezy and Tity Boi do their thing, but Dae Dae might still have the best verse. Listen below.

Dae Dae raps first on the Nitti Beatz-produced instrumental. Next up is 2 Chainz, who spits, "Spend it then get it back/I used to pray for a 50 pack/N--as ain't standin' off in the trap/They say you work on the Internet/And that's forreal forreal/You soft as a daffodil."

As usual, Wayne gets the third and final verse. He raps, "Send her on a shopping spree, that's how I give her space/Million dollars in the safe/Put some mileage on the wraith/I don't sip that red, n--a, I don't smoke that shake/I just be spendin' profusely/I just be sippin' profusely/I just be f--kin' masseuses/I just be f--kin' exclusives/Broke n--as come with excuses."

The original track (minus Wayne and Tity Boi) served as the opener to DJ Playboi and DJ Omezy's recent mixtape, Fly Shit Only 2, and was included on Dae Dae's 4 Reasons. In case you're unfamiliar with Dae Dae, it's in your best interest to peep his banger "What U Mean," currently one of the hottest tracks in the A.

Wayne and 2 Chainz are frequent collaborators. Be sure to check out their joint mixtape Collegrove and watch their music video for "No Problem" with Chance the Rapper. If you want more Weezy news, read up on how he and Birdman used to bet thousands of dollars on games of Madden.

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