Lil Uzi Vert isn't afraid to experiment and go the extra mile while doing so, but his latest video might be more than risky for his physical health. In a video making its rounds on social media, the "Money Longer" rapper is shown putting a staple gun to his head, and actually pulling the trigger. This means that he could have put a staple in his scalp.

No one is exactly sure why Uzi shoots himself in the head with the gun in the video, but fans speculate that it could be in promotion for his highly-anticipated album, Luv Is Rage 2, that is said to be coming out soon.

Some fans speculate the rapper could be high off pills while handling the staple gun in the new video, but that has not been confirmed. Hopefully, Uzi didn't seriously injure himself in the process of the incident.

While this might be an extreme way to possibly promote the long-awaited project, it seems to be a pattern for the album. One of his teen fans allegedly threatened to shoot up a school in May due to the project's increased delay.

Back in April, producer Don Cannon said that the album wasn't coming any time soon due to the mixing and mastering process that needed to still be done. While there have been previews of the album, a release date has not been confirmed yet.

Watch Uzi staple his own head in the video below.

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