There appears to be some tension between Lil Uzi Vert and someone who has control over when his new project drops, but that isn't stopping the Philly rapper from freeing up a song or two.

During a recent performance, LUV blessed the crowd with an unreleased track produced by Cassius Jay. The song is unofficially being dubbed "Die Today," and finds the former 2016 XXL Freshman turning up over a trap-heavy instrumental. The lyrics are hard to make out, but the song seems to feature Uzi boasting that he has acquired so much wealth that he could die today and his family would still be straight.

The song could appear on the rapper's upcoming project, LUV is Rage 2, which, despite feeling like it could drop any day now, is still without a release date.

Uzi recently vented about the project being held up on social media, implying forces beyond his control are the culprit. “Can I honestly tell y’all why this album ain’t drop,” he started. “It’s because of a Old Person who doesn’t Understand what’s going on right now……Can You Guess Who?”

Many people surmised he was talking about DJ Drama, who he is signed to under the label Generation Now. Either way, it's clear Lil Uzi has some bangers waiting in the wing.

Check out the snippet of the unreleased song below.

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