The 808 Mafia crew has been preparing the release of Lil Uzi Vert's new song, "Mood," and it looks like the track will see the light of day this week.

Yesterday (Jan. 1), Southside and TM88 unveiled the cover art for the upcoming collaboration with Supah Mario, revealing its official release date for this Friday (Jan. 5). The Philly rapper previously shared a teaser of the record on social media, but didn't provide too many official details of when it would be dropping. The producing squad is finally ready to give fans the full version at the end of the week.

“Ooh, why you wanna mess up my mood/Wish that you were me ’cause you’re not cool/Lookin’ like a fool/Like a dog barking at the moon," Uzi raps in the song preview.

The Luv Is Rage 2 entertainer has already had an incredible 2017, so this will be an amazing start to his new year. Not only did his studio LP earn gold certification from the RIAA, but it was also named SoundCloud's Top Album of 2017 during their end-of-the-year statistics list.

TM88 and Southside are also keeping busy in 2018, as they are reportedly preparing an 808 Mafia project with Young Thug to come sometime in the near future. Last year, TM produced Uzi's three-times platinum "XO Tour Llif3" record, which was a massive hit on the charts, and has helped boost him to become one of the most in-demand producers in the rap game.

Check out Southside's confirmation of Uzi's "Mood" record coming out on Jan. 5 in the post below.

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