Lil Uzi Vert fans could be in for a treat, as the rapper has doubled down on his statement about releasing new music.

Uzi wrote on Twitter on Friday (April 24) that he is dropping a new song today. In a tweet to the Philadelphia rapper, a fan asked for advice on how to deal with depression and that is when he revealed the news. "Hey bro any helpful words to get me thru depression?," the fan said, to which Uzi replied, "Imma drop a song today." Lil Uzi also said in his Instagram story, "Almost time," which could imply that the track is releasing today.

liluzivert via Twitter
liluzivert via Instagram

Lil Uzi Vert has been tweeting over the last week that he will be dropping a new record. On Monday (April 20), Uzi shared a snippet of a song, which fans assumed could have been the track he had been hinting at on social media.

"This is not Siberian, it's Slavi sweats (Yeah, yeah)/Twenty-seven gang, bitch, I hope I'm blessed (Yeah, yeah)/Pull up on lil' stain, I made like 20 checks (Ayy, ayy)/Niggas ain't the same, ain't no goin' back (Ayy, ayy)/She made me deep dicker 'cause that girl got like 20 necks (Yeah, yeah)/My niggas, they made it from the strap, oh yes (Yeah, yeah), strap, oh yes/My niggas was in the jail same day they layin' on the jet (Yeah)/My niggas go where I go, that's a fact (That's a fact)," the 2016 XXL Freshman raps on the record.

Lil Uzi Vert also trolled Playboi Carti last week, saying that he was going to be releasing a new song on Monday. The rapper has yet to share any details on the forthcoming track, but his fans are definitely waiting for it.

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