Lil Uzi Vert is one of the rap game's hottest up and comers, so it's no surprise that he has more than a few haters. Still, that hasn't stopped the 2016 XXL Freshman from enjoying his already lucrative career, and rather than reflect on those who want to see him crash and burn, Uzi shakes them off by dancing. You can check out Uzi's impressive dance skills for yourself in his Twitter video up top.

In the clip, we see Uzi violently shaking as he skillfully shifts his weight from one foot to the other, synchronizing himself with the beat pretty well. For their part, his friends in the background sound like they're having as good a time as he is. Watch until the very end to see his footwork and a surprising windmill. We think Crazy Legs would approve.

The video itself obviously isn't meant to be serious, but we wouldn't be mad if we saw more of his dance moves in the near future. For now, Uzi is obviously focused on his next move toward rap game dominance.

Speaking of a "next move," Uzi recently hinted that he'd be dropping a collaborative project with Gucci Mane, who's been a studio warrior since getting out of prison about half a year ago. Uzi used his Instagram account to drop the hint on Saturday (Nov. 19), captioning one of his posts "1017 vs The World . The Mixtape Coming Soon." Gucci has yet to comment on Uzi's claim, but we all hope it's true, and it's coming out soon.

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