Lil Tay has accrued a massive Instagram following with 1.8 million fans watching her lavish videos showing off her self-proclaimed ability as "the hardest flexer in the game" and she's just 9-years-old. Tay's controversial antics have reportedly forced her mother, Angela Tian, to resign from her Vancouver estate job at Pacific Evergreen Realty, according to the National Post.

The 9-years-old's usual clips feature stacks of cash and exotic whips while walking around luxurious "Beverly Hills" mansions as she stunts on her self-proclaimed enemies like Bhad Bhabie and calls them "broke ass haters."  Lil Tay was involved in a physical confrontation against Bhad Bhabie in California last month.

Some followers feel that Tay's mother should be investigated for abuse after using her daughter to attract fame in hopes of seeing dollar signs.

After Tian's boss discovered that one of their client's Mercedes convertibles was used in one of Lil Tay's videos, he confronted Tian, who then chose to resign.

“Some people don’t get the joke,” Tian reportedly said.

The National Post also reported that Lil Tay would pass off mansions that her mother would be showing for an open house as her own. During her videos, Tay claimed that the $3.6 million home was hers and in Beverly Hills when it was actually in Vancouver. Tian also never received permission to film inside the houses.

Tian was hoping Lil Tay would ink a deal with an entertainment company out in Los Angeles. Tay has continued to post her usual videos and photos throughout her mother's unemployment.

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