It's hard to believe it's been a decade since Lil Mama released her first and only album VYP (Voice of the Young People). In 2018, the "Lip Gloss" rapper is in comeback mode. Mama released a video for her single "Shoe Game" on May 25 that captures the spirit of her cocky sweet slaps from back in 2007.

The Walu-directed clip features Lil Mama serving choreography from various sherbet-colored rooms and hallways, each stuffed with its fair share of shoe boxes. In the recurring scene that opens the video, Mama gets some evocative gifts two suited fellows, including an ice cream sundae and a Jeff Koons balloon animal replica.

In these various dreamscapes, Mama boasts about her body, her footwear and her love life, closing with a string of punchlines that dial into the hook's "shoe-game" rhyme scheme. "Cuz my crew bang/Yeah you know we two gang/All we do is do thangs/Tell we who is you mane/Bottom of the food chain/You will get your wig slain/Yeah you know my shoe game/Kickin like its Liu Kang," she raps.

It's unclear whether Lil Mama is dropping an album anytime soon, but the 30-plus crew of people who worked on the video seem to hint that something is coming. The MC's last full project was her 2015 mixtape, Take Me Back.

Watch Lil Mama's "Shoe Game" video below.

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