Brooklyn rapper Desiigner's single "Panda" has been a massive success. The Menace produced song helped the rapper earn a deal with G.O.O.D. Music and was sample on Kanye West's song "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2."

When you have a popular track like this, other rappers are bound to jump on it. The latest to do that is Lil Kim, who brings Maino along for the ride. The Queen Bee unleashes a fiery verse on the thunderous instrumental as she looks to reaffirm her spot in the game.

"I got killers in Belize/I got n---as in the league/NBA, NHL, MLB/ Watch how I blow off the Hennessy/NFL, no sacks/I got the ball like a running back/My n---a OT with a hundred packs/I hit the mall with a hundred racks/Two straps like a backpack/Rolls Royce and a Maybach/Back to back like a Drake rap/Drive the Rari like I'm on a race track/White kicks, Buscemi/Black whip, Borghini/Back up top like a beanie/Eat the booty like zucchini/He pulled it out, it was teeny/Pour some ketchup on that weenie/My n---s pouring me Bellini's/My pussy wet like bikini/Getting cheese, fettuccine/Moving work out the deli/Move my body like a genie/Disappear, Machiavelli," Lil Kim raps.

Lil Kim reworks the hook, though she uses Desiigner's original as a guiding light for the cadence. Maino makes a relatively brief cameo as he delivers a short verse on the "Panda" remix. Obviously, this was meant to be a showcase moment for Kim. The Brooklyn rapper definitely wants to get the focus back on her music after recently dealing with some hate over photos.

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