For reasons that doesn't make sense other than to herself, Lil Kim decided to rework "Flawless" to take shots at Nicki Minaj. Her crusade against the Queen of Rap continues with the horn-backed "Identity Theft."

Lil Kim took issue with Minaj calling herself the Queen of Rap on the "Flawless" remix. This time, her argument is that Minaj is a fraud and a copycat. "You was never hard, check my repertoire/ Fuck cash, my name is a black card." The dude on the hook warns that the game is about to feel her wrath, but there's really nothing much here other than more material for Twitter to lampoon.

Minaj is likely more concerned with her latest single "Anaconda," a track that's playful and catchy enough to do some damage in the charts. Polow Da Don thinks so.