Lil Durk was recently pictured wearing MSCHF and Crocs' unreleased Big Yellow Boots collab.

Lil Durk Rocks Big Yellow Boots

On Monday (July 24), photos surfaced of Lil Durk wearing a pair of MSCHF's latest viral footwear. In the photos below, Durk is standing and looking off into the distance in one pic, and sitting on a dirt bike in the second photo while wearing a bright pair of MSCHF and Crocs' unreleased Big Yellow Boots.

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Fans React to Lil Durk Wearing Big Yellow Boots

Fans on Twitter have been reacting to photos of Lil Durk in the boots and clowning the "All My Life" rapper.

"Bumble bee ass boots," one person posted.

"Boy got a pair of whiffleballs on his feet," another tweet reads.

"Just made my day worse seeing these quite frankly," someone else commented.

The Big Red Boots Craze

The Big Yellow Boots come on the heels of the company's Big Red Boots craze earlier this year. Several rappers were seen sporting the eye-grabbing footwear including Lil Wayne, Iggy Azalea, Pardison Fontaine and more.

MSCHF and Crocs' Big Yellow Boots

MSCHF has been teasing their latest collab with Crocs since June. The new footwear mimics the design of the Big Reds Boots but includes Crocs' signature holes design. The boots will go on sale on Aug. 9 for the price of $450 here.

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Peep Lil Durk sporting a pair of unreleased Big Yellow Boots by MSCHF and Crocs below.

See Lil Durk Wearing MSCHF and Crocs' Big Yellow Boots Collab and Reactions Below

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