Two of Chicago's finest unite. Today (Aug. 11), Lil Durk and Lil Reese pull up with their Supa Vultures EP, a six-track joint effort that finds both Chi-Town rappers doing what they do best. Check out the project for yourself below.

Durk and Reese pretty much announced the project with "Distance," an aggressive track that finds the two tag-teaming a ChopsquadDJ-produced instrumental. On the song, they alternate on the hook as they declare their wish to abstain from entertaining the fakes of the world.

"Young nigga ruthless/Nigga wanna tweak I pull up with my shooters/Like a point guard, shooting guard/Caught his ass he so goofy/Why everybody wanna be shooters, these niggas be trickin'/Why you niggas not listening these niggas shootin' from a distance/Fuck nigga they gon' make me keep my distance (distance)/That sneak dissin' gon' make me keep my distance/That fake shit gon' make me keep my distance/That fuck shit gon' make me keep my pistol," Reese and Durk rap in the hook for the track, which is the first you hear on their new EP.

If you're into gritty street anthems with hard beats and grim observations about life in Chiraq, you should definitely give this a listen. You can do so by checking out Supa Vultures below. Cop Lil Durk and Lil Reese's Supa Vultures EP on iTunes.

Lil Durk and Lil Reese’s Supa Vultures EP Tracklist
1. “Distance”
2. “1500”
3. “Unstoppable”
4. “Fuck Dat Shit”
5. “Alotta Lotta”
6. “Nobody Knows”

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