After introducing the world to Brain on his 10-minute epic "Pillow Talking," Lil Dicky has teamed up with his brain again for the new EP, I'm Brain.

While Brain was just a featured artist on Lil Dicky's debut album Professional Rapper, the character now has its own artist page on various streaming services and gets top billing on the project. Although Brain is still used for comedic relief, Dicky once again flexes his lyrical prowess on the project.

On The Game-assisted "How Can U Sleep," LD raps, "I am checked the on now off the clock like compound/I'm really adamant, you're really adequate/I'm really passionate, I'm Billy Madison/I'm the motherfucking graduate/Twenty-ten with a pen, I didn't plan this shit/My plan legit, I manuscript it/It was living by the candle stick/But for the plaques I had to mantle it."

Dicky and Brain go back-and-forth on the track "Whippin It Up" with Dicky spitting, "In daytime, I take dimes like a paid line, and make time/It's they prime, hittin' on the jew like it's a hate crime/Speaking of that, they won't even book me in Dubai/Apparently for jews it can be hostile/So my new goal is to buy like, Dubai like/All of it/I don't know, I just wanna go there."

While fans of the 2016 XXL Freshman continue to wait for his next album, Dicky assured fans he was working on it. On Thursday (Sept. 14), he tweeted, "I'm sorry my album is taking so long, luckily brain stepped up." Dicky echoed the statement on Instagram as well, writing, "Working on MY next album every day."

In the meantime, check out the tracklist and listen to I'm Brain below.

Brain I'm Brain Tracklist

1. "On Smash" featuring Lil Dicky
2. "Cocaine" featuring Lil Dicky
3. "Whippin' It Up" featuring Lil Dicky
4. "Brainstorm"
5. "F Slo" featuring Lil Dicky
6. "Interlude"
7. "How Can U Sleep" featuring Lil Dicky and The Game

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