Lil Bibby links with 2017 XXL Freshman PnB Rock for “Someday,” a somber track that finds both artists talking about making it out the hood. The J Holt-produced record really dives into Bibby's upbringing as he raps about his city. He name-drops a few people, pointing out how Chicago is the home for Obama and Oprah yet still one of the most dangerous cities in America. He also talks about how Kanye West is not in the hood helping the children.

"Nothing in the fridge, lotta rats, lotta roaches/Same city as Obama and Oprah/But niggas 13 totin' guns they'll smoke ya/Now I'm about to open up/They ain't have no hope for us/I ain't never seen 'Ye/He ain't never show us nun/In the hood every day, serving all the smokers/Young nigga gettin' older/Heart got a lot colder," he raps.

PnB Rock supplies a fire hook over the same sample Just Blaze flipped for JAY-Z's "Some How Some Way: "Some how, some way/We gotta make it out the hood some day/Kill the opps and wake up and jugg some days/Just to make sure that my family good some day."

Bibby's signed to Kemosabe Records and RCA, and he's gearing up to release his major label debut project later this year.

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