Fresh off signing to Quality Control Entertainment, Lil Baby continues to showcase the reasons he's up next to emerge from Atlanta's rich crop of blooming stars with Too Hard, a 16-track mixtape featuring guest appearances from MoneyBagg Yo, Lil Yachty and more.

The project marks his third solo release of 2017, which has seen him drop projects like Perfect Timing and Harder Than Hard before Too Hard. It's early, but it's already clear the guy's got a serious work ethic.

Speaking to XXL for The Break a few months back, Lil Baby, who's collabed with Young Thug in the past, explained what life's been like since getting out of prison for drug-dealing. Apparently, things have been pretty swell. "It’s been an amazing blessing [since I was released from prison]," he shared. "Selling drugs ended me up in prison. I got a five-year sentence and I did two. When I came home, everything was right on point. That’s why I called my first project Perfect Timing. Everything has been going good ever since, I wouldn’t change anything. The prison bid that I did, it changed me and motivated me.

"I always knew Peewee from QC [Quality Control] because of the streets and I knew Coach K for like six to seven years. Back then he always told me to rap. I told Coach I didn’t know how to rap and he told me, 'Jeezy didn’t know how to rap. Just do it.' So when I came home prison, I was just like I’ma just try. It’s been going good ever since."

Give Too Hard a listen for yourself below, and cop it on iTunes.

Lil Baby's Too Hard Tracklist

1. "To the Top"
2. "Money"
3. "All of a Sudden" Feat. Moneybagg Yo
4. "Money Forever" Feat. Gunna
5. "Best of Me"
6. "Ride My Wave"
7. "Hurry"
8. "Sum More" Feat. Lil Yachty
9. "Going For It"
10."Slow Mo"
11."Trap Star:
12."Eat Or Starve" Feat. Rylo"
14."Vision Clear" Feat. Lavish the MDK
15."Dive In"
16."Stick On Me" Feat. Rylo

Quality Control Music
Quality Control Music

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