Lil Baby believes the Brazilian butt lift craze is getting slightly out of hand.

The Atlanta rapper is currently on a promo run for his It's Only Me album, which drops on Friday (Oct. 14). On Wednesday (Oct. 11), Lil Baby was a guest on Big Loon's The Experience Podcast. During the talk, the "In a Minute" rapper was asked about his preference in a woman's body type.

"I like thick girls, but I ain't against skinny girls," Lil Baby confessed at the 31:09-mark of the interview. "I used to be, though. I used to didn't like skinny girls. Now, skinny girls cool. I like ’em."

When asked if the BBL was going out of style Lil Baby responded, "I don't really know if it's going out of style. It's like everybody got it now. You know how it is. When everybody got something, it kinda go out of style then...That's why it's kinda played out a little bit. Regular girls. Rich girls. Broke girls. That's when it's played out."

The BBL, an abbreviation for Brazilian Butt Lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that transfers fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks. The surgery has become commonplace in recent years, especially among the rich and famous. Back in February, producer Southside claimed he'd bought 10 BBLs for women over the years.

"I got a list. Shit is crazy," Sizzle admitted on Real 92.3's The Cruz Show. "Ten, for sure. I done got some girls' titties did twice. I done got a girl's titties did, got ’em big. They was too big for her. Redid ’em again, got ’em smaller."

In January, rapper and professed holistic healer NLE Choppa claimed he has herbs that worked as a BBL alternative and increased breast size as well. Back in 2017, 2 Chainz attended a BBL surgery performed by famed ass augmenter Dr. Miami.

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