There have been a lot of crazy hip-hop fan moments caught on camera. Recently, a video of a man putting money in Lil Baby's pocket during a performance in 2017 has gone viral.

On Saturday (Aug. 27), a video surfaced online of Lil Baby performing an impromptu freestyle at a 2017 concert performance. In the clip, the 4PF leader is in the zone rapping for the crowd when a man approaches the stage and puts an undisclosed amount of money in his pocket. The Atlanta rapper quickly pulls out the money and throws it on the ground. Then two huge security guards who are onstage walked towards the man and warned him to stand back.

The clip has gone viral, with folks wondering why would a person put money in Lil Baby's pocket as if he was busking on a street corner. Most people probably didn't realize that the video is from 2017 when Lil Baby was on the cusp of reaching rap stardom. Nevertheless, it’s a strange fan moment.

This isn’t the first time Lil Baby rejected a fan’s offering of cash while he was rocking the mic. Back in February of 2022, a video popped up online featuring the My Turn creator brushing off a fan who was trying to give him money while he was onstage. In the clip below, Baby is performing when he sees the fan holding some cash in his hands. He walks up and pretends to grab it before rejecting it and telling the person to "get out of here."

In the end of the day, Lil Baby doesn’t need any financial assistance.

Watch Lil Baby Reject a Fan’s Cash Offering During a 2017 Performance

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