2 Chainz is a venerable rap game luminary, but during a recent trip to watch a routine $10,000 Brazilian butt lift, he was little more than an enthusiastic intern--sort of.

TMZ reports the Hibachi for Lunch rapper traded in his chains for a lab coat when he stopped through the office of Dr. Michael Salzhauer--aka Dr. Miami--to sit-in on a patient's butt lift surgery. Apparently the woman in surgery completely signed off on the rapper's visit, which saw the Atlanta artist offer-up bits and pieces of hilarious commentary throughout.

"I think it's magical. I think it's...it's something I've never seen," a semi-astonished sounding Mr. Chainz says in the video. "I can't believe that some women do this, and then, I guess, I can believe some women do it So I'm still on the 50-yard line with this."

He also compared the sound of the surgery to that of a barbershop, saying "It sounds like they in here cutting hair--it sound like she getting a line-up." Hilariously clever little gems like that one show us why he's at the top of the rap game. You can peep the vid for yourself below.

In other 2 Chainz-related news, it appears that we'll have to wait a little longer for his forthcoming project, Pretty Girls Love Trap MusicIn a recent Instagram post where he thanked one journalist for complimenting his music, Chainz wrote, "It’s the hairweavekiller himself , chapoJR, Tityboi, #drenchGOD #prettygirlsliketrapmusic coming soon, ain’t no date bihhhh @defjamrecords wudup.”

There's no word on when the project will drop, but we hope it comes out soon. Stay tuned.

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