Lenny S, Roc Nation's SVP of A&R, has the inside scoop on how Watch the Throne's "Otis" beat was made. The veteran A&R shared the story today (July 20) since it is the five year anniversary of the single's release. Lenny explained how Kanye West came up with idea right before 'Ye was meant to leave for a flight.

"Five years ago today, the song "Otis" was released," Lenny S wrote. "It's one of my favorite songs, tracks and Lyrics from the classic Album, Watch The Throne by Jay Z & Kanye West. This record stands out to me cause I vividly remember the day of its inception. We were in the Mercer Hotel, NYC, where a lot of the album was made. The day or rather session for that day was coming to an end. Kanye had to catch a flight if I'm not mistaken. We were almost towards the end of the album and he was telling everyone in the room that as soon as he returns, he wanted to fuck with this Otis Redding sample idea he had."

Despite having a flight to catch, Kanye West insisted on fleshing out his idea for the sample at the session. Before long, he created the whole beat.

"As he was being reminded that he had to leave to catch his flight, he sort of brushed that off and was like, fuck it, let me just play y'all a piece of the song so you could see how dope it is," Lenny S continued. "He then approached the MPC and Keyboard and plays it. Everyone in the room does the ugly face like when you hear some dope shit or see the sickest slam dunk at a contest. Lol. He then begins to chop the sample lil by lil (But fast) and actually starts creating the track.

Lenny S said he was in awe of what he was witnessing at the time. He still managed to take a few pictures and the photo in the above post came from that day.

"Ye being one of my favorite producers, I'm literally hype as Fuck and in awe," he explained. "I begin to snap the Canon cam like an Uzi. Lol. This is 1 of the pictures captured here of course. 15 or 20min later before he runs off to catch his flight, he creates the phenomenal track known to us as 'OTIS."

With the anniversary of Watch the Throne's release (Aug. 8) being right around the corner, fans might get to hear more great stories like this in the coming weeks.

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