Last American Rock Stars (LARS), a duo comprised of Bizarre and King Gordy, continue living up to their name in their new video for "Lit," the second single from their forthcoming eponymous debut album.

The new visual finds the duo in much the same sort of space as their first single, "LARS," which featured them in the midst of a drug-fueled rager. This time, the party's gotten even bigger.

"Lit" features Bizarre and Gordy bringing a heavy dosage of devilish lyrics. "Throw an elbow, let it go, break his fucking face/Throw an elbow, let it go, break his fucking face," the two rappers spit in the hook for the track.

Bizarre tells XXL that the video, which was helmed by Tee Grizzley's "First Day Out" video director Nick Margetic, and Everett Stewart, was inspired by the idea of "having the biggest party in the world with every drug that you can name... lit.”

For his part, Margetic, who operates as a part of Detroit-production team BeMVP, says the video is about "expanding the definition of 'lit'—making gritty fun. Teenage angst.”

The visual definitely lives up to Margetic's aim. In the clip, LARS throw an insane show for party-goers, who bounce around in the audience as the rap duo's energetic, ominous track rings throughout the venue. There's raging guitar players, ambulances, a bounce house—the whole deal.

"So, we shot the video in this fucking country small ass town in Michigan called Chesterfield, Mich.," Bizarre reveals to XXL. "And we rocked out, we had like a big ass audience performing, it was going. It was a nice video shoot."

It was a "nice shoot," but of course, some unexpected troubles almost rendered it a fruitless one. In an especially interesting note, Bizarre admits they actually had to re-film the vid.

"We get ready to leave and, fucking, [Margetic], leaves the camera by accident," Bizarre recalls. "And the venue says, 'Yo, we got it. We gon' put it up—come back and get it tomorrow."

"We questioned everybody at the venue, nobody said they had it," he continues. "Then we put out a $10,000 reward for the footage." After dealing with a barrage of prank calls and all other manner of nonsense, Bizarre was happy to learn Margetic would handle the mess.

"[Margetic] he's such a good kid, he was just like, 'You know what man? This is all my fault, it's gon' cost me man,'" the D12 rapper explained. "So he flew me back out to Michigan, brought another camera, paid for all them little extra—the venue—the kid paid for everything, again. And we re-shot the video," he adds. "It was Hell getting y'all this video."

LARS promise to release more new visuals from their project in the future, and you'll be able to find them on the duo's official Facebook page. For now, we can all look forward to the release of Last American Rock Stars, which is due out nationwide on Feb. 16. You can pre-order Last American Rock Stars here.

Check out "Lit" below.

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