Kyle and Lil Yachty are all about positive vibes. They combine for "iSpy," a fun track that finds them rapping about baddies, selfies with Oprah and haters.

The song begins with Yachty giving Kyle a pep talk to forget the trollers and focus on the facts. "Man... fuck them kids, bro," Yachty says. "Look around, bro. Look at life. You see these fine bitches over here? You see these trees, man, you see this water? C'mon, man, you got so much more to appreciate."

The advice did not fall on deaf ears. "I'm in my happy place boasting/I ain't frown since 06/I ain't cried since 01/My dad like Six Flags and your house is no fun/You can come back to mine though," he raps.

The West Coast native has been releasing new tunes over the last couple of months. He dropped “Doubt It” in August and “Blame” in September. Is a new album coming out sooner rather than later? Bump "iSpy" above.

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