Kweku Collins has been virtually silent since December 2017's "Home Tree" with femdot. Now the Evanston, Ill. rapper is back with his first release of 2018, and it's a druggy summer banger if there ever was one.

Throughout their bars and wails on "Sisko and Kasidy," Kweku Collins and Ajani Jones make reference to Star Trek's Deep Space Nine commander Kasidy Danielle Yates and her husband, Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko. While questioning if the sun will come out tomorrow, Kweku—who notably produced the distorted, wispy track on his own—sings, "I got eight bars, you got eight, we feel the same/It's been hot, it's the summer what do you expect," before he and Ajani Jones trade some emotionally-laced verses.

Kweku's ear for various sonics stems from his father's vast music collection. Last year for The Break, the "Aya" rapper revealed his dad, an African and Latin drummer, introduced him to everyone from The Beatles to Bob Marley. "As I got older my sister got me into hip-hop. I heard 'Jesus Walks' on the radio and that’s started the beginning of that," he shared. "That led me to like Will Smith and his Lost and Found album in 2005. That’s one of my favorite albums [laughs]."

"Sisko and Kasidy" is the first track off Kweku's forthcoming project, and is now available on major streaming platforms. "I love this song. It’s available today till foreverish," he wrote via Instagram this afternoon (July 6) shortly after its released.

Listen to Kweku Collins' latest banger below.

Kweku Collins/Closed Sessions
Kweku Collins/Closed Sessions

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