Chinese singer Kris Wu links with Travis Scott for their new collaboration “Deserve.” Two of the biggest names in music from opposite sides of the world make a great team, as “Deserve” is a record that can be a hit single in both the States and in China.

"I might write a song about you tonight (you tonight)/You the perfect melody for the life (and what I like)/Let me make you famous, Michael Jackson dangerous/You my favorite song, add you to my playlist (oh)," raps Travis.

Kris Wu holds his own on the record, crooning about having a great night. He sings, "I got all this money, so I know you won't expect this/Runnin' on the low-low, but I know that you interested/I just made a call, you and your girls is on the guest list." "Deserve" was produced by Louis Bell.

The Canadian-Chinese artist is at the forefront of Chinese pop culture. His 2016 debut English single “July” helped Kris become the second Chinese artist to reach the top 50 on the iTunes U.S. chart. Now he's looking to add another win to his belt. Bump "Deserve" below.

Ace Unit Culture Media
Ace Unit Culture Media

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