Los Angeles rapper KR got something to say. On Friday (July 27), the buzzing West Coast spitta delivered his new album, In Due Time.

The 13-song LP is spearheaded by the single "Pop Out" and is sans any features, allowing him to put his talents on full display throughout the offering, a formula he's used before. “I’m excited for this album," he said of In Due Time's release. "It’s my most honest work to date. It’s celebrating women which is super important to me and I think people will get to see me for who I am, for the first time. This is the beginning for a new chapter for me in many ways and I’m excited to share that with my fans.”

The album follows in the footsteps of KR's 2017 EP The Intermission and the 2016 LP It Could Happen.

Not only has KR been showing and proving on the rap side, he is making his acting presence known. He recently had a significant role in the 2018 remake of Superfly.

Listen to KR's new In Due Time album below.

KR's In Due Time Tracklist

1. "The Coldest"
2. "Drunk & Confused"
3. "It's On"
4. "Messing With"
5. "All Facts"
6. "Just Like That"
7. "Give It Up for Her"
8. "That's My Word"
9. "Pop Out"
10. "Sinful & Forgetful"
11. "You Know Now"
12. "Break It Down"
13. "Ride"

I$0LYF3 Records / EMPIRE
I$0LYF3 Records / EMPIRE

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