Broward County, Fla. rapper Lajan Slim has been one of the game's hottest young talents for several months now, and considering that he's just dropped his debut mixtape, Hood Olympian, he's poised to become even bigger. This isn't lost on the incarcerated but omnipresent Kodak Black, who recently talked to his fellow Broward County MC from behind bars. You can hear a clip from their conversation up top.

"We waiting for you to get out here and fuck the city back up," Lajan tells Kodak over the phone. "Well you know it's only a matter of time, but right now, I'm finna get my mind right," Kodak replies. Shortly afterward, Kodak thanks Lajan for sending a kite in prison. The two continue talking for a bit longer, and Kodak mentions that he's heard Lajan is about to drop a mixtape. Lajan responds by saying he doesn't know when it will drop, indicating the conversation took place prior to the release of Hood Olympian.

In any case, it's clear the two rappers share a pretty strong connection as Haitian rappers from Broward. Before Lajan, it was Kodak that was making his rounds in the industry and establishing himself as a full-fledged star. The Lil Big Pac rapper has been locked up since May, and though he was supposed to be released from jail on August 17, he got held on other outstanding warrants for his arrest at the last minute. In September, the "Can I" performer was sentenced to 120 days in jail. He won't serve the entire four-month sentence, and is slated to be released on Nov. 30, but because he'll still be facing sexual battery charges in another state, it's unclear whether or not he'll be released on that date.

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