Kodak Black now has one less legal battle on his plate. The "Tunnel Vision" performer recently settled a breach of contract case on March 21 with Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment, the Florida-based record label he signed with a few years ago.

Kodak believes the record label "screwed him over" with their bad contracts, claiming they duped him into signing with them when he was only 16 years old and without a lawyer present. In official court papers, Kodak (understandably) claims he simply didn't know better at the time.

The Lil Big Pac artist originally signed with Dollaz N Dealz back in 2013, and they essentially ended up selling Kodak's contract to Atlantic Records when the MC signed with the major label in 2015. He decided to sue the label back in December of 2016 to effectively free himself from the contract he signed with the indie label.

According to Kodak's court documents, Dollaz N Dealz was supposed to pay him regularly and offer accounting of his finances. Making matters worse is the fact that the label's CEO, AC Julien, was incarcerated on unrelated charges and therefore unable to provide the managing and recording services his label agreed to.

Kodak also claims those ill-advised contracts he signed aren't enforceable by law because Dollaz N Dealz doesn't have the talent agency license required by Florida law.

Speaking to XXL about the case earlier this year, Kodak's attorney Richard Wolfe said, "We've never seen any of the contracts, so my client would be very happy to be signed directly to Atlantic, we don't have a dispute with Atlantic, we have a dispute with this Dollaz N Dealz. And we know who's behind it, the guy who's in prison. We just want to eliminate him from the equation.

"They have not held up their part of their agreement," Wolfe said of Dollaz N Dealz. "They're supposed to be a record label. They're supposed to provide financial assistance, production. They provided absolutely nothing. With every contract, there has to be quid pro quo, meaning you get something and you give something. We got nothing."

Kodak and Dollaz N Dealz have settled their case out of court, and a judge has agreed to throw the case out. This case has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning Kodak can't sue the label again for the same charge.

His "street album" Painting Pictures will be released via Atlantic Records this Friday, March 31.

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