Kodak Black has found himself in a bit of static with Young M.A over lyrics he rapped on his recent track, "Pimpin Ain't Eazy." M.A, who is openly gay, wasn't feeling Kodak's bars about wanting to have sex with her, and she responded by calling him weird. During a Sunday Instagram Live session (March 17), Kodak once again addressed the rapper, using a compliment to dismiss her genuine disapproval of his behavior.

"Yo, y’all stop making Young M.A mad. That’s my dog!" Kodak says in a video of his IG Live session. "Don’t do that, baby. We gon' catch up. I just wanna be the homie. I just wanna be the forever homie in the cut, vibing...whenever you make up your mind up, I’m here. [slurp] I’m talking about bae so cute!"

In another part of the IG Live session, Kodak continues speaking on M.A before seemingly dismissing her identity as a gay woman.

"I do a lot of stuff, but I do more good than I do bad and more people love me than hate me," Kodak says. "I’m talking about, how you a girl but don’t want your pussy penetrated? How? Don’t be mad at me, 'cause I want you, baby. Don’t be mad at me!"

On the original Charlie Handsome and Nick Mira-produced track, Kodak mentions M.A more than once.

"I be pullin' out straps on these fuck niggas/I go Young M.A on these dumb bitches/Like a dyke man, you niggas can't fuck with me," he spits on the chorus. On the second verse he adds, "I'm fuckin' Young M.A, long as she got a coochie/Say she got the strap and the toolie, say she put the crack in her booty."

M.A responded to Kodak's lyrics on her Instagram Live feed when a fan asked about her feelings about the track.

"Y'all keep talking about this Kodak situation. Y'all niggas is weird, bro," she said. "Come on, obviously the nigga is weird, bro. Obviously, he on some shit, bro."

Both M.A and Kodak were on the bill at the Pot of Gold Festival in Arizona on Saturday (March 16). M.A had mentioned in her IG Live that she'd "holla at him," but there's no word on whether the two rappers ever crossed paths.

Kodak Black's controversial comments about M.A come ahead of his sexual assault trial, which is set to begin next month.

See what Kodak has to say about M.A below, as well as her original response to Kodak, below.

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