Kodak Black's legal situation, which currently hangs in the balance, is causing him to miss what is sure to be one of the biggest tours of the summer. Future recently announced more dates and a new lineup for his Nobody Safe tour, and noticeably missing is the Project Baby.

In addition to adding several new dates and a couple more special guests, A$AP Ferg has replaced Kodak in the lineup. Of course, Kodak could be missing a lot more than a tour depending on what punishment the judge hands down during his sentencing, which is scheduled to take place the day the tour is set to kick off, May 4.

As previously reported, the "Tunnel Vision" rapper had a court hearing this week to determine whether or not he violated his house arrest stipulations by visiting a strip club. During the hearing, Kodak was accused of assaulting a bartender during the gentleman's club visit. That allegation was later put under scrutiny when another bartender had a different account of her co-worker's behavior.

In the end, Kodak was found guilty of five violations. The Floridian's attorney, Raven Ramona Liberty, thinks the rapper will be granted leniency when sentenced and will not have to serve any time behind bars. “I have the utmost faith in God that he will be out on the fourth and will start the tour,” Liberty recently said. “Fortunately he has the money to pay for attorneys. But this happens all the time to young men in his situation. I don’t think sitting in jail is the correct punishment.” According to Liberty, Kodak’s probation officer recommended counseling and anger management classes.

However, it appears as though the tour will be moving on without him either way.

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