In case you didn't know, Kodak Black bites his tongue for no one. In the last few weeks he's provided plenty proof of that. Now the South Florida rapper is clapping back at actor Michael Rapaport for calling him out a couple days ago.

The Project Baby performed at The Warfield in San Fransisco, Calif. on Saturday night (March 23). During a break in the action, he decided to address Rapaport. "I love my crackas, now," he started. "But y'all tell this dumb ass cracka stop playing with me, man. For real, stay out of Black folk business for one. Then tell him go listen to my album. Then after he go listen to my album tell him suck a baby dick."

Kodak's DJ confirms Rapaport is the target of the rapper's ire by commenting, "You know what I want to tell that nigga? Tell Michael Rapaport I said..." before rolling into "Roll in Peace."

Kodak's reaction comes on the heels of Rapaport going on social media and saying the former XXL Freshman isn't even a top 10 mumble rapper, in response to Kodak's assertion that he is on the same level as Nas, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

“Comparing yourself to [Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas] is like a guy playing basketball in his backyard shooting air balls and comparing himself to an NBA player,” Rapaport snapped on Friday (March 22). “Get the fuck outta here with that crazy shit."

Kodak has started a number of fires in hip-hop over the past few weeks after making head-scratching comments about Lil Wayne, Sticky Fingaz and Young M.A. On Sunday (March 24), he deactivated his Instagram page.

See video of Kodak Black responding to Michael Rapaport below.

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