Kodak Black may be locked up, but that's not stopping him from releasing new music. The young rapper is back with a track called "Jewels (Whole Time)" that's quite relevant considering his current circumstances. Kodak raps about all the people who have ulterior moves and do not want to see him win. One line in particular - "What done happened to him, man/Oh, I heard he got locked up back again" - is timely to say the least.

The Florida native was ordered into court on May 18 and detained for open warrants. The charges, which are from last year, include armed robbery and false imprisonment. This latest arrest could potentially derail some big summer events that Kodak Black had lined up in the coming weeks.

First up, Kodak Black was planning to go to his alma mater's prom on June 3 after missing it last year due to legal troubles. The rapper was quite excited about his return to Blanche Ely High School in a conversation with XXL that took place earlier this month.

"You know last year I was detained so I couldn’t attend prom or grad bash,” Kodak said. "Grad bash is like a 12th grade high school thing. It’s crazy ’cause I was a 2015 senior. But this year for 2016, like when I got out, the people at the school told me I could come to grad bash and prom ’cause they remember last year I was on a little vacation."

And unless things are resolved soon, Kodak Black may also miss out on multiple paydays. The "SKRT" rhymer is currently scheduled to be a co-headliner on the Parental Advisory Tour, which begins in two weeks. Kodak is being advertised for 14 dates on the upcoming tour.

Nonetheless, seems like Kodak is still set to drop a new mixtape on June 11, his birthday. We'll have to wait and see.

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