Kodak Black is denying he uses cocaine and insists he's no junky following his recent arrest for cocaine possession and evidence tempering.

Kodak Black Talks Recent Arrest

On Monday night (Dec. 11), Kodak Black went live on Instagram to address his recent arrest in South Florida.

"If that s**t ain't me, don't put that on me," Kodak told viewers. "Don't convict me of some s**t that ain't me. Them people went cocaine on me. That's the only s**t that I'm flaming about...I done told y'all, I did meth before. I ain't into that s**t. I ain't riding around with no cocaine. These people don't have no body-cam, none of that. It's 2023, fam."

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Kodak Black Fights Cocaine Possession Arrest

Kodak Black was arrested in Plantation, Fla. on Dec. 7 and charged with possession of cocaine, tampering with physical evidence and improper stop/stand/park. According to authorities, Yak was parked in his 2019 Bentley SUV with its tail lights on blocking the roadway. When they approached his vehicle, he was asleep. Police smelled burnt weed and witnessed a Styrofoam cup in the rapper's console along with an alcoholic beverage. Kodak reportedly admitted he had weed in the vehicle.

As an officer went to run Kodak's driver's license information, he noticed white powder falling from the rapper. The officer then saw Kodak's mouth full of the powder. The substance was tested on the scene and confirmed to be cocaine. Kodak claimed it was Percocet. He was arrested before bonding out the following day.

Kodak has since pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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See video of Kodak Black explaining himself following his recent arrest for cocaine possession.

Watch Kodak Black Address His Recent Arrest

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