Three years are releasing "Free Cool," Kodak Black is once again paying tribute to his incarcerated friends with "Free Cool Pt. 2."

To go along with the new track, Kodak also released a behind-the-scenes video. Directed by Wavylord, the visuals feature the rapper dancing in the studio as he raps about his homies who are behind bars.

"Money gave him power and a bigger ego/Free my nigga Cool/My nigga, we tight like speedo/All my niggas goin' fast, they gettin' Rico/Free my nigga Jackboy we like Stitch and Lilo," Kodak spits.

The Florida rapper also mentions Cardi B in the song, congratulating her on her success and saying if she wins, he wins. "Big Cardi be winnin', I'm winnin', 'cause that's my goddamn twin/If Cardi be winnin', I'm winnin'/Cardi B won, I won," he raps.

While Kodak is all about spreading the love on "Free Cool Pt. 2," Kodak's last track showed no love to the rapper's enemies.

Released last week, "Here It Is" finds the rapper taking shots at his rivals as he raps, "First Choo Choo, and now you, nigga?/All the hate y'all revealing way overdue, nigga/Ain't gonna lie, I was fooled, thought you was true niggas."

Although Kodak doesn't mention any names on the song, "Here It Is" eventually led to a response from Koly P. Like Kodak, Koly P didn't drop any names in his song but did feature an image of Kodak on the song's artwork.

"I hope it ain't no beef 'cause beef is a contact sport/I got blood in my eye like some contacts, boy/Damn, my nigga, I hope you blame it on the jigga/Right now the hood ain't even fuckin' with ya," Koly P raps on "Here It Really Is."

Check out the video for Kodak Black's "Free Cool Pt. 2" below.

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