Kodak Black appeared in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom on Wednesday (April 19) for a hearing to determine whether he'd stay behind bars for violating his house arrest earlier this year. Atlantic Records executives were reportedly in attendance as well.

Brett Clarkson of The Sun Sentinel was on hand for the judicial proceedings as a corrections officer Sandra Friedman—the one who wrote the warrant for Kodak's rearrest in late February—took the stand to testify regarding Kodak's character.

Kodak's house arrest, handed down to him in August of last year, allowed him to leave home and travel for pre-approved work purposes only, and according to Friedman, Kodak violated those terms by appearing at a strip club in Miami and a boxing match in Cincinnati without approval. "He was supposed to be at the recording studio until 4 a.m., not the strip club," Friedman said in court today. Kodak's lawyers have argued both of those appearances are promotional in nature.

Friedman testified that though the rapper born Dieuson Octave has a kind and polite demeanor, "He needs to deal with his problems and he definitely needs anger management." (Part of Kodak's violation includes not showing up for mandated anger management sessions.) "He’s been honest with me. I think he needs to go into counseling immediately. I think he’s aware what’s going to happen if he doesn’t," Friedman apparently said in court today. She also claimed Kodak doesn't have the best people surrounding him and could use "some people who are looking out for his interests."

Jennifer Cunningham, a bartender at Club Lexx in Miami, took the stand next to testify against Kodak after she filed a report claiming he attacked her while she was working in early February of this year.

Cunningham testified that Kodak jumped on the bar at the club, blocking the cooler. When she asked him to get down, she claims Kodak put two fingers in the shape of a gun to her head and then pushed her. "He was actually starting to come closer like he was going to attack. Took his two trigger fingers, pushed them in my head," Clarkson reports she said. "Basically I was a victim and assaulted by a gentleman that had no right to put his hands on me. And I don’t tolerate that.”

The hearing is scheduled to continue on Friday. See all of Clarkson's live tweets from today's hearing below, along with a couple pictures of Kodak in court.

Reporter Live Tweets Kodak Black's Court Hearing

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