Kodak Black's attorney is calling out a double standard after Hunter Biden received a plea deal for the same crime that the South Florida rapper was sentenced to over three years in prison for.

Bradford Cohen Blasts Hunter Biden Plea Deal

On Tuesday (June 20), President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden agreed with the Justice Department to plea guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges. Terms of the plea will would allow him to avoid prosecution on a separate federal gun charge. Following news of the deal, Kodak Black's attorney Bradford Cohen blasted the deal on Instagram.

"2 tiers of justice?" Cohen captioned screenshots of stories about Kodak Black and Hunter Biden's cases. "Kodak was charged for the same crime. Got over 3 years. Mr. Biden will not serve a day. Feels right? Do FBI agents and federal authorities take cases personally?"

Cohen later appeared on Fox News and further opined on the perceived injustice.

"There's no such thing as not getting jail time on a gun charge on any kind of gun charge," Cohen told Fox News.

"I’ve never seen anyone where this offense was charged and they didn't get some sort of prison sentence," Cohen continued. "And in fact, most of the time in federal court, you very rarely see people get anything but a prison sentence."

"I think that this is like, you know, they figured the easiest way for them to save face [was] to charge him, not give him prison, and then hope that [Joe] Biden doesn't give him a pardon until he's on his way out two years," the lawyer added.

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Kodak Black's Charges vs. Hunter Biden's Charges

Back in 2019, Kodak Black was sentenced to nearly four years in prison on a federal gun charge as a result of him making a false statement while filing out federal paperwork to purchase a firearm. Kodak served about half of his sentence before his time was commutated by then President Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden was charged federally with unlawfully owning a firearm in 2018, as well as tax evasion for not paying income taxes in 2017 and 2018 despite owing over $100,000 to the IRS.

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