Knxwledge is one hardworking man, to say the least. Over the past year, he's unleashed a variety of projects, including his latest collaboration tape with Mach-Hommy, The Spook... EP. Now, just three weeks after dropping WT.PRT.11, the 11th installment in his instrumental series, the Cali producer has released yet another beat tape, HEX. 10.8.

The soulful 10-song production project has a definite 1990s vibe, with samples appearing from the prominent decade in rap history and early/mid 2000's. On HEX. 10.8, you can hear Knxwledge ripping samples from classic R&B/hip-hop cuts like Jagged Edge's "I Got It Remix" featuring Queens legend Nas.

"I'm nasty, never let a pretty face pass me," he spits over Knxwledge's "igotit_" mix, with both of his verses featured on the track. Immediately after Busta Rhymes voice appears on "issaprty_," a groovy beat sampling Busta and Zhane's '96 jam "It's a Party." He then digs into his Drake crate once again for a beat sampling the 6 God's "This Could Be Something," an older track of his released nearly 10 years prior. HEX. 10.8's other cuts include "lacedup_" and "littleanita.," featuring a Foxy Brown verse from "Touch Me, Tease Me" and Jamie Foxx's hook on "Slow Jamz," respectively.

With Knxwledge dropping so many projects, one can only hope he's saving some music for his friend and collaborator Earl Sweatshirt, who announced he's working on a new album earlier this year. Take a look at the tracklist and listen to what other 1990's cuts the producer grabs inspiration from for HEX. 10.8 below. Purchase your own copy of HEX. 10.8 here.

Knxwledge's HEX. 10.8 Tracklist

1. "tooltetnght[INTRO]"
2. "ntgnnatakeitslow_[at.all]"
3. "dordie_"
4. "igotit_"
5. "issaprty_"
6. "kudbsmthng."
7. "lacedup_"
8. "littleanita."
9. "swerveon_"
10. "thtgrl."

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