Amongst the many topics discussed when Kendrick Lamar strolled through Arsenio Hall's reinvented television series, the Compton rapper revealed that he's named after one of the members of the iconic Motown group, the Temptations. While gushing over old school music, K Dot unveiled that his mother named him after Eddie Kendricks, the group's distinctive falsetto singer.

Amid conversing with Arsenio about a love for throwbacks, the rapper revealed that's about all he bumps while riding in his car. Later adding that he was raised on oldies and gangster rap, he continued explaining the origin of his name, telling that his mother simply removed the "s" from Kendricks.

The "Control" rapper also spoke about watching Tupac and Dr. Dre film "California Love" as a youngster. Detailing that his father put him on his shoulders and hauled out to the shoot, he recalled that day was quite a historic day for the city of Compton.

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