Kanye West is the new addition to Kim Kardashian's smash hit video game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. But you might not recognize him.

Glu Games, the game developer of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, tweeted out a photo from the game earlier today teasing new characters on the app. The pic showed an interracial couple with the woman holding a baby girl. And because Kim is married to Kanye West, early speculation is that the new additions are Kanye and their daughter North West.

While the new characters look like one happy virtual family, it doesn't seem that Glu Games knows what Kanye actually looks like in real life. In fact, other than the skin tone, the video game version of the rapper looks nothing like the real 'Ye. For one, the video game version is clean shaven whereas Kanye has been rocking the goatee for years. The game avatar also has green eyes but Kanye's are brown. Lastly, if it was really supposed to be 'Ye, this avi wouldn't be caught dead smiling in front of a camera.

Even if this isn't spot-on likeliness, it's great that the Wests are being incorporated in the family hustle. Since its launch last summer, Kim Kardashian's game has pulled in a reported $200 million for the reality star. With Yeezus on board, who knows how much profit will increase now.