Kid Cudi is responding to backlash he received for deleting the song "Love." from SoundCloud after a fan stated they liked the free version better than the DSP edition.

On Wednesday (Nov. 9), Kid Cudi briefly vented on Twitter about being called out for the move.

"Anybody switchin up and talkin shit about me taking off my song on soundcloud thanx for showin who u truly are," he tweeted. "It's one of the reason i dont want to do music anymore. (Some) fans can be toxic and not cool sometimes. And this app really be showin some of yall true colors."

"I'll be happy when I stop makin albums so I dont have to deal w this madness anymore," Kid Cudi continued in a follow-up tweet.

He added, "Dont get it twisted either im happy and this is not a rant before headlines make it that haha just being honest w everyone ... I have a lot of blessings happening in my life and I wont let anything get me down becuz life is so great right now."

Cudi's response to the backlash has gotten backlash.

"You’re publicly shaming someone who just appreciates your music, you’re the one that’s switching up," one person reacted to the "Day 'n' Night" rapper's posts. "Kid Cudi should love all his fans not pick and choose because of the music platform they use."

"Calling fans toxic for enjoying an earlier version of a song lmao," another Twitter user typed.

"Nobody hates Kid Cudi fans more than Kid Cudi," someone else posted.

Kid Cudi's decision to can the SoundCloud version of his The Boy Who Flew to the Moon Vol. 1 bonus cut happened earlier in the day following an awkward exchange with fans on Twitter that started with praise of the Ohio-bred rapper.

"I fkn love u @KiDCuDi thank you so making this masterpiece," a Twitter user gushed, while sharing a screenshot of the song on SoundCloud

Kid Cudi responded to the compliment by questioning if the person knew the song was available on DSPs.

"U know I released this officially right?" Cudder responded.

"The OG version on SoundCloud hits different," another fan weighed in.

"Taking it off," Cudi responded before removing the song from SoundCloud.

Some fans bashed Kid Cudi for the move.

"I love kid cudi whole heartedly but that fool be acting like a whole ass bitch sometimes," one person opined on Twitter.

"Kid cudi took love off soundcloud cuz a fan said they enjoyed that version more than the official release… dude lame af for that," another person posted.

This isn't the first time Kid Cudi has gone viral for taking a fan's opinion to heart. Back in July, he called a fan "bogus" for saying the original A Kid Named Cudi mixtape artwork was better than the updated version.

Listen to Kid Cudi's "Love." Below

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