Just the other day, Kevin Gates said his label, Atlantic Records, wouldn't allow him to release another album until February 2017, so he announced he'd be dropping his Murder for Hire mixtape soon. Now it looks like he wants to drop on Monday, and today (April 14) he gave fans a preview of what to expect from the tape.

Gates shared a bunch of new songs on Instagram while he was in the studio, including the final version of the long-awaited "Panoramic Coupe," which might be officially called "Off the Meter." The beat sounds updated and he's added another verse to the snippets that've been floating around forever.

It's been about three months since Islah, the official debut album from the Baton Rouge rapper. It includes established hits like "2 Phones" and "Really Really," but the better story is all the sleeper singles strewn across the album. Take your pick - "One Thing," "Hard For," "Time for That." It's by far one of the best albums of the year, and if Atlantic handles it right we'll be getting more singles from the project in the future.

The original Murder for Hire tape dropped soon after Luca Brasi 2 and seemed to include leftovers from that project, albeit stellar ones. Whether Murder for Hire 2 will be stuff that was left over from Islah, all new material, or a mix of both isn't quite known yet. But judging by all the snippets below, fans are in for a serious treat regardless of when the songs were recorded.

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