The NBA season kicks off this week, meaning the topsy-turvy offseason that saw Kevin Durant join the Golden State Warriors is coming to a close. Luckily for Durant, Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour stopped in Oakland this past weekend allowing him one last opportunity to let loose before work starts back up.

As seen in the videos above and below, Durant was spotted amongst the mosh pit on the concert floor, turning up as Kanye performs "Famous." For reference, in the video above, he is the one with NBA player-length arms reaching out above the heads of other non NBA player attendees. He is also surrounded by much smaller Kanye fans. Below meanwhile, KD sings the hook to "Runaway," an appropriate anthem for the All-Star who left Oklahoma City to a chorus of critics and haters.

Durant of course had hit up another show in Oakland previously, appearing onstage with Drake when his Summer Sixteen tour stopped in town. Over the summer, KD let his rap fandom be known, getting Tupac and Wu-Tang tattoos, and telling Genius thaat drake is his favorite rapper. "When you get a shout out in a song, you look around and see if anyone else heard it. You feel, ‘somebody recognized me... When I have a game, he texts me or Snapchats me and we talk about stuff," he said. The Warriors kick their season off Tuesday night (Oct. 25) with a home game versus the San Antonio Spurs.

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