T.I. and David Banner jumps on Kap G's "La Policia" for the remix. The original record was titled "Fuck La Policia" and released last year. The song is straight forward and some might say it's fitting after the recent death of Walter Scott, a black father of four who was shot and killed by North Charleston, S. C. police officer Michael Slager. Kap raps about being harrassed by the authorities and the realities of being a minority.

"I wrote this song two years ago, out of frustration from being pulled over for no reason after leaving a studio session," Kap told Fader in an email. "I didn't think much about who would hear this song when I recorded it, I just knew that this feeling was too painful and demeaning to not speak on it. I felt, as a young Mexican American writer, artist, and youngin, that it was my responsibility to give a voice to this feeling that sooo many young minorities were dealing with."

The song is powerful and hits home. Over thumping bass it's enjoyable to listen to but delivers a brutally honest message. Listen to "La Policia (Remix)" below.