Back in March, the self-proclaimed “King of the Youth,” Ian Connor took to Twitter to let his followers know he was working on Kanye West’s abandoned clothing line, Pastelle. After his series of tweets, Connor took to Instagram to a few weeks later to show off a brief clip of Pastelle’s original line sheets from their spring/summer 2010 collection while teasing a t-shirt from the spring/summer 2016 collection. Now after much rumors and speculation behind the relaunch of the brand, it seems like the Pastelle relaunch will take place next month, according to the stylistic Ian Connor.

Taking to the 'Gram once again, the tastemaker previewed a brand new Pastelle tee last night, but the most interesting part of his post was the caption which read, "May 14th." Although not much information has been unveiled on the relaunch of the clothing line, the date provided by Connor could mean that relaunch is just weeks away. As of now, details still remain vague on the relaunch, but with Ian's popularity and stylistic ways, as well as the Kanye's co-sign, the relaunch of the brand could be on of the biggest releases this year.

Stay tuned with XXL for more information and details behind the rerelease of Pastelle and check out the latest tee previewed by Connor below.

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