Today, March 27, is Easter, and to celebrate Kanye West and Tyga dressed up as Easter bunnies to entertain their kids.

Kim and Kylie were on Snapchat capturing the whole thing as Yeezy and Tyga waddled in to much excitement from the children. They seem to be in the Kardashian castle, where celebration for the day looked to be going down. Later Kylie took a quick video kissing one of the bunnies - presumably Tyga.

It's always cool to see rappers do silly shit like this, especially for the enjoyment of kids. You can picture Kanye doing this kind of stuff, too. He can be a pretty goofy guy in an endearing way.

Kanye also just randomly dropped a spiritual hymn on his Soundcloud today. It’s called “Ultralight Prayer” and it’s essentially an extended, alternate version of Kirk Franklin and the choir’s outro from “Ultralight Beam.” It’s a stirring little two-minute joint.

Kanye has been in his spiritual bag ever since his debut album when “Jesus Walks” became a breakout song for him. Throughout his career he’s constantly sung about God and religion, and in the lead-up to Yeezus his attachment to spirituality became more obvious than ever. Now that he's got a full-fledged family of his own, there's no doubt his attachment to a higher power will continue to strengthen.

“Ultralight Prayer” is a beautiful addition to The Life of Pablo (some have already begun adding it to “Ultralight Beam”) that highlights Kirk Franklin’s powerful oration and brings the choir to center stage. Considering the original is one of the most powerful songs Kanye’s made in awhile, everyone should be pretty satisfied.

Watch Kanye and Tyga play Easter bunnies below.

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