With all the negativity associated with Kanye West and his treatment towards fans and paparazzi, Ye's reputation may be changing after his generous acts in recent history. After signing memorabilia for fans in Long Island, Yeezus continues to partake in kind acts for New York City natives. A fan spotted West walking towards his van, and attempted to take a selfie with him before the rapper's security team shut down the notion.

After a few minutes, Kanye personally invited the young fan to his vehicle and obliged for the photo opportunity as long as the paparazzi shut off their cameras. After taking the picture, the fan caught up with the camera crews and continually complimented the cultural icon's character. The young man even went as far as praising West to be "the best person ever" and in addition called him a "class act." In additional Kanye West news, the fashion trendsetter ran through a decade summarizing medley of hits last night plus had some amazing quotes. Watch the video below.


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