Everyone and their mother may be talking about the epic Twitter beef that went down earlier today (Jan. 27) between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, but apparently, Yeezy is no longer concerned with speaking on the matter. TMZ caught up with the rapper as he arrived at the LAX airport in L.A. and was able to get a few words out of him, but was stonewalled on anything Wiz related.

The exchange, which was captured on tape (see above), begins when the reporter approaches a luxury car 'Ye is driving and listening to an undisclosed track from his forthcoming Waves album. When asked "Was that Waves, Kanye?" by the reporter in reference to the song, Kanye acknowledges that it is, responding "Yeah, yeah, that's some shit that's gonna be Waves."

While Kanye seems willing to make small talk on the way to his catch his flight, the conversation gets a bit tense when asked about Wiz Khalifa, curtly responding "I said what I had to say," before doubling down after being prodded by the reporter, stating "I said what I had to say and I ain't saying nothing else to y'all niggas." Once inside LAX, the reporter makes a last ditch effort to get a quote from Kanye, asking if 'Ye thought "it was a bit much bringing the kid in it?" with 'Ye barking "I Told you, I said all I had to say don't ask me no more questions about it Thank you," before continuing the conversation.

What may have been more interesting than Kanye's words was his outfit, particularly the never-before-seen Yeezy 3 jacket he was wearing. The jacket, which many speculate will be the special edition that is sent out along with the invitations to his upcoming runway show, looks to emulate the classic M-65 model in traditional olive drab, with "Yeezy" written on the sleeve, and "Season 3" emblazoned across the back.

No official details have been released in regards to the Yeezy 3 Invitation Jacket, but what we do know is that it is butter and whoever is gifted with one will be lucky to have it.

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