Believe it or not but Kanye West actually put the final touches on 2 Chainz' upcoming album. While speaking about his B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time cover art, 2 Chainz gave all the praises to DONDA even revealing that Kanye had a lot of input on the project himself.

“People won’t believe how much thought goes into this stuff…Working with DONDA was good for the mind anyway,” said 2 Chainz in an interview with Power 106. “A bunch of guys, young guys, with all these crazy ideas and crazy resources getting pulled from different areas. Actually, this cover right here, and I don’t even know if 'Ye wants me to say it, but he actually…photoshopped. Like he did something. I didn’t know you could erase on the computer. This computer eraser. Move some stuff over. So, I was like ‘Man, you a slick geek. I didn’t know you was that smart.’”

Continuing explaining the significance of the huge gold necklace, Chainz explained, “And the Cuban links, they mean—they’re very symbolic in Hip Hop period. Raekwon and Ghost had Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and it meant a couple of things as far as how tight the chain was and how tight the link was with the Cuban’s when you was dealing with the work and the trap and all of that. So, a couple of symbols that just says a lot of things.”

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