Kanye West has been doing a number of radio interviews recently in promotion of the Yeezus Tour, but none have been as heated and wild as this one.

Kanye took to Shade 45 earlier this afternoon to talk with Sway about the tour and the fashion industry, among other things. When Kanye began talking about how he's been shunned from the industry—a common theme of his recent rants—Sway then posed the question, "Why don’t you empower yourself...and do it yourself? " The question set Kanye off. He began yelling at Sway and telling him that he hasn't been doing his research and doesn't know anything about the topic. Eventually, Sway told Kanye to calm down and that "ain’t gotta turn up" and that their conversation wasn't a "fucking show."

After a couple minutes of yelling on both sides, both guys calmed down. Kanye eventually apologized and said he didn't mean disrespect. It's hard to tell what exactly about Sway's question irked Kanye so bad, but 'Ye did seem to hint that he's lost a lot of money—a $13 million figure was thrown out—on trying to start his own fashion line. If that's the case, his anger may be justifiable.

UPDATE: Listen below for the full audio of the interview (Via D. Dot)

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